2-Year Warranty

All products manufactured by Throne Room Pedals are warranted from defects in parts and workmanship through a TWO YEAR non-transferable warranty from the purchase date.  This includes faulty switches, pots, LEDs, and other internal problems.  It does NOT include any sort of abuse, including damaged knobs, jacks, LED mounts, scratches and cosmetic defects, failed mods, etc.  It also does not include damage sustained from a power supply, including powering with voltages or polarities other than what is listed for a pedal’s specifications.

Warranty claims must include a dated proof of purchase.  The customer is responsible for properly packaging the item(s) and paying shipping costs TO Throne Room Pedals.  Throne Room Pedals will pay shipping costs back to the customer.  All parts and labor costs for repairs of products under warranty will be paid in full by Throne Room Pedals.  At our discretion, we will either repair or replace the items submitted for warranty.

We reserve the right to deny warranty claims to items that have sustained obvious abuse or internal tampering, or were improperly packaged by the customer during shipping.

Any repairs outside of the aforementioned warranty may be done at a very reasonable price.  We’re not out to get rich on pedal repairs.  Contact us for details.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Tiny Tap Tempo pedals (all versions) follow our standard warranty terms above, with the exception of being a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is non-transferable and only valid with the original proof of purchase.

Some of our dealers may offer extended warranties on our products.  Feel free to visit our dealers page to find a dealer near you.

Any products purchased through our website that are made by other manufacturers are subject to that manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

Please email with any questions before ordering.  Contact us here.