Tiny Tap Tempo

Tiny Tap Tempo 2X (Reverse)


Fully analog signal path

Our best selling Tiny pedals are now even better! With even smaller enclosures CNC milled from a solid block of aluminum, a sandblasted black anodized finish and laser etched logo, we’ve created the most durable, longest lasting Tiny Tap Tempo we’ve ever had. Don’t forget the Neutrik brand jacks and the most solid tap switch you’ve ever stomped. We’re so confident in it, we’re now giving it a limited lifetime warranty!

The Tiny Tap Tempo™ is truly the tiniest tap in town!  Use this as an external tap switch for pedals with a tap input, such as our Throne Room Tremolo.

May also be used with other pro audio gear, or as a sustain pedal for most keyboards!

Choose between one or two tap outputs in the same small enclosure.

Standard Switch
For most pedals (normally open switch).

Reverse Switch
For BOSS™ or similar pedals requiring a normally closed switch.

Additional information
Weight3.3 oz
Dimensions2 × 2.2 × 1.8 in

CNC Milled Solid Aluminum


Textured Black Anodizing

Switch Type

Reverse (Normally Closed for BOSS and some other pedals)

Power Requirement

No power required


Momentary, soft-touch


Military grade point-to-point wiring

Number of Outputs

2 Outputs