Still Small Voice Box Momentary XLR A/B


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NOTE: The Still Small Voice Box has been replaced by the Push To Talk Box.

Fully analog signal path

Ever been doing sound for a gig and you suddenly hear this out-of-the-blue still, small voice in your head?  Yeah, that’s probably your lead singer wanting their vocals turned up in their monitor!

The Still Small Voice Box is a momentary XLR A/B splitter.  Its most common use is in a live setting.  A vocal mic is plugged into the input, and two separate outputs are sent to the FOH or monitor sound board.  The default channel goes to the live mix that all your awesome fans hear.  The secondary channel is activated while holding down the foot switch, allowing for different effects or to talk through a headset to your sound tech, or to your team through in ear monitors.

Of course, when you hit the switch the first channel is muted so nobody else hears your band’s inside jokes!  Just release the switch and all is back to normal.

Works without any pops or clicks through your sound system, for both your average dynamic microphone AND +48V phantom powered condenser microphones!  You also won’t get any bleed from one channel to another.

We designed this from the ground up to be the sturdiest, highest quality momentary XLR switcher ever made.  It’s made to do only one thing, and to do that one thing well.

Additional information
Weight 11.3 oz
Dimensions 4.85 × 2.7 × 2.15 in
Power Requirement

9V DC center negative


Momentary, soft-touch, pop-free


Neutrik XLR




Durable powder coated


Military grade point-to-point wiring

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