Justice Fuzz


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Fully analog signal path


Don’t be deceived… One tiny little pedal, but one massive roar of pure vintage fuzz! Every pedal board has enough room for this little thing.  You could even put it ON another pedal or velcro it to the side of your board if you’re so pressed for space.  It would work…

Three controls with a twist: Volume, Fuzz, and Feedback controls.  Feedback?  Yeah, feedback.  Flip the toggle switch and the Justice Fuzz releases its full fury as the output is fed straight back into the input for an extra ridiculous feedback-laden fuzz!  Mess around with the feedback knob and change the tone of the feedback.  Or, use the volume control or your guitar’s volume knob to get even more sounds.  Our favorite setting is to crank the fuzz and volume on a humbucking neck pickup for one wild ride!  Try running this into an already overdriven tube amp for even more intensity.

In our opinion, the best use for this pedal BY FAR is to enable the feedback mode and send this fuzz straight into a heavily modulated delay.  Hold a chord on your guitar to let the feedback build, and as you play with the feedback or volume controls the delay will sound of outer space like you’ve never heard before!

Place this pedal before any buffers in your chain, or it might sound like it’s about to die (a common issue with fuzz pedals).

Additional information
Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions3.7 × 1.9 × 2 in
Power Requirement

9V DC center negative


True bypass


Neutrik, 1/4"




Double durable powder coated


Military grade point-to-point wiring