Glory Buffer


Fully analog signal path

NEW: Now shipping in our new enclosure, CNC milled from a solid block of aluminum with an anodized finish and laser etched graphics. Now even smaller than before! (Product photos updated soon)

Simply put, a wonderful buffer in a tiny box that will fit on any pedalboard.

The Glory Buffer helps to reduce “tone sucking” (a noticeable decrease in audible low or high end frequencies). Use it to recover that high-end sparkle your guitar used to have, or to bring back that low-end chunk you always loved!  It’s excellent for:

  • Pedal boards with lots of true bypass pedals.
  • Longer cable runs from a pedal board (or guitar) to an amp.  Especially over 20ft.
  • Recovering tone after a “tone-sucking” pedal such as a volume pedal.
  • Giving an extra push while splitting one signal into two.

Just place the Glory buffer at the beginning or end of your pedal board, whichever works best.  The biggest of rigs may benefit from having one of these at the front and end of your signal chain.  Place after any fuzz pedals.

IC-based. Version 2 now operates up to 18V for additional clean headroom!

Additional information
Weight 3.3 oz
Dimensions 2.07 x 2.38 x 1.4 in
Power Requirement

9V DC center negative


Always on (no switching)


Neutrik, 1/4"




Durable powder coated


Military grade point-to-point wiring