Atom Blaster


Fully analog signal path

Perhaps one of the most useful pedals you never knew you needed on your pedal board.  At only 1.5 x 3.5″, some may wonder how we packed so much explosive power into such a tiny little box.  We’ve created a monster that will push any tube amp to the brink of explosion.  In fact, this little thing has so much power the first one we built caught on fire.  Seriously.  Electrical smoke is not fun to breath.

Put this pedal at the end of your chain and you’ll get the exact same thing but LOUDER!  A lot louder.  Earplugs possibly recommended for your neighbors.  Perfect for naturally overdriving a tube amp, to stand out in solos, to use as a line driver, or to remedy conservative church sound techs who prefer the electrics a bit too low in the mix – if you know what we mean!  Just step on this thing and enjoy about 35dB of an atomic boost however you like!

Throw this nuke before your overdrives or distortions and make them sound like they’ll melt at any moment.  Also get more clipping tones out of your overdrives and distortions.  They may sound like a whole new pedal!

Additional information
Weight 5.3 oz
Dimensions 3.7 × 1.9 × 2 in
Power Requirement

9V DC center negative


True bypass


Neutrik, 1/4"




Durable powder coated


Military grade point-to-point wiring

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