What are the power requirements for your pedals?

All of our pedals require a 9V DC center negative power supply.  Anything different is listed on the product page.  For best performance, we recommend supplying the cleanest power available.  Use an isolated power supply for each pedal (do not daisy chain pedals together).

I have a YouTube channel, website, blog, etc.  Will you give me free pedals if I do video demos for you?

Probably not.  We get a lot of requests for this kind of thing, and the cost of giving away pedals adds up quickly.  But you can always buy a pedal and do a demo!

How are your product dimensions determined?

We measure our pedals from the widest and tallest points.  Pedal measurements include the widest point that jacks stick out from the enclosure, and the highest point that knobs and switches stick up from the top of the enclosure.  The measurements are total product clearance.

Do you do custom paint or artwork?

Do you do custom builds or mods to existing pedals?

Do you ever sell used or dent n’ scratch pedals?
Check out our clearance page.

Do you sell replacement parts for pedals?
While we do recommend that you do not service our pedals on your own (it will void a warranty), if you need some replacement parts or want some sweet new knobs, check out GuitarPedalParts.com.

Will you sponsor my band?
If you’re heading out on a national tour or already play Throne Room Pedals, shoot us an email.  You’re welcome to send us some music as well!  We don’t give away free stuff, but offer product discounts to artists that we sponsor.

I have a sweet idea for a new pedal that I’m sure would make you millions!
Send us an email.  We’re always open to new ideas.  Legal blab: Any ideas you do send our way become our exclusive property.