Warranty & Repairs


If you’re having an issue with a pedal, please check the following before contacting us for repair or support.

First, remove all other elements from your signal path. Your signal should go in this order, with nothing else in between: Guitar > Cable > Pedal > Cable > Amp

Check your power supply

Many issues can be caused by an improper or faulty power supply. Try powering your pedal with a different and appropriate power source. If you are using a daisy chain adapter, try powering the pedal by itself. If you are using a power supply with multiple outputs, trying powering it from a different output with no other outputs being used.

Check your cables

Many cables, particularly solder-free cables, can unexpectedly fail or cause signal issues. If there’s an unexpected (especially a loud) hum, this is the first place to check. Swap out one cable at a time. First replace the cable connecting your guitar to the pedal. If there is no change, swap it back and then replace the cable going to your amp.