About Us

Our Effects

All of our effects are designed, drilled, powder coated, labeled and assembled by hand in Bellingham, Washington, USA.  We use the highest quality parts and electronics we can get our hands on for a difference you can hear.  Our goal is to make the finest effects we possibly can by cutting zero corners on quality, yet still offering products at affordable prices.  We constantly obsess in finding even higher quality components and better and more efficient ways to build our products.  Continuous improvement is our every day goal.

Our Service

Shoot us an email if you have any questions about our products, want a price estimate for some gear, or just want to chat about gear and introduce yourself.

We ship same or next day Mon-Sat if we have stock of products.  If we don’t currently have stock there may be a wait.  If there’s an exceptionally long wait, we may or may not be known to include “thanks for waiting” bonuses with pedals…which may or may not involve candy bars.

Commitment to Sustainability

We like to support sustainable practices in our business wherever possible.  In order to sell a lot of stuff, we need to buy a lot of stuff.  All of that stuff gets shipped to us in boxes and with a generous amount of packing material.  Our boxes are either recycled or reused, and all of the packing material we receive with incoming shipments is reused for our outgoing shipments.  That’s why you might see a variety of packing materials used to pack your order, including paper products, bubble wrap (regular or static proof), packing peanuts, air-pack, or any combination of these.

We also powder coat the enclosures of our hand built pedals.  Not only does this result in a variety of unique finishes that are more than 10 times tougher than regular paint, but powder coating is also the preferred paint finishing method of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Powder coating produces less hazardous waste than conventional liquid coatings and emits zero potentially harmful volatile organic compounds.  Score!