Redesigned Push To Talk Box

Push To Talk Box

BELLINGHAM, WA (April 2, 2018) — Throne Room Pedals announces a redesign to its XLR microphone switch box, the Push To Talk Box. The redesign is focused around improved quality and usability. The Push To Talk Box features an all new enclosure, signaling the beginning of a new standard in quality for products to come in the future.

Previous enclosures were an average quality aluminum, cast from a die. The enclosures were then drilled, powder coated, and screen printed. The new enclosures are milled on a CNC machine from a solid block of aluminum alloy, creating a much stronger enclosure. The enclosures are then black anodized and the graphics laser etched for a long life.

The new enclosure was redesigned in-house from the ground up. It’s over 10mm smaller, and features a tapered front which angles the switch to allow for easier use with a foot resting its heel on the floor. The new black color keeps it better hidden on stage.

The Push To Talk Box was designed as a way for musicians on stage or in the studio to communicate with others through in-ear monitors, or a control room. When the switch is held down, a vocalist’s microphone is switched to a secondary talk back channel that can allow a band to hear in a separate channel without broadcasting through the venue. It’s excellent for live or studio use, on tour, or in a church environment.

The Push To Talk Box is available in both momentary and latching versions, and each version sells for $149.

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